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    Every Saint Has a Past, and Every Sinner Has a Future

    So much more than an astonishing autobiography, Gangsters & Gurus is a manual to experience inner freedom!Drawing from nearly unbelievable life experiences, coupled with the wisdom and experience of renowned masters and larger-than-life characters spanning India to China and beyond.
    You will witness an authentic journey of self-discovery, from smuggling drugs and gang violence, to supernatural experiences and revelations delivered by spiritual Masters.
    Having traversed the distance from the darkest depths to the brightest lights, Nicolai grounds his experience with practical day-to-day practices that are simple and easily applicable in the day to day life of anyone seeking a shift.
    You will be guided to break non-constructive patterns and elevate above feeling “stuck” in repetitive cycles of anxiety, negative patterns, and addiction.
    Nicolai is living proof that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.
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